You have a road exam at SAAQ? Looking for a car? We can provide you with what you are looking for. Trans-Canada’s car rental services are made up of everything you need for a safe and comfortable exam environment:

- New and clean cars

- Dual-brake

- Inspection cleared, and vehicle insured in case of accident

- Car available for the complete exam period

There is no advance booking, Trans-Canada has cars available for last minute reservations.

Trans-Canada Driving School offers car rental service for the SAAQ examination at Dorval.

The vehicles are already present at examination center, which eliminates all the hasle. A simple phone call is enough to make a reservation, but the students must present themselves at the driving school in order to collect the reservation documents.

Why rent with Trans-Canada?

1. The rental vehicles are completely insured in case of an accident, for the complete period of the exam.

2. The rental vehicles are present at the time of examination.

3. The rental vehicles are equipped with dual brake for improved control and security.
For pricing, reservation or simply more details call us at 514-747-1234